Address Correction


In many cases, the address correction charge itself is higher than the cost of the package's shipping charge. This is a great way to make extra money if you are the parcel carrier, but if you are the shipper, it's just more financial pain. The big problem with these address correction issues is when the same address problem happens on a recurring basis and then the charges really add up.

But the problem is not simply confined to the charges on the bill, because there are also hidden charges with this problem also such as:

  1. Handling customer inquiries on their package which places an extra demand on your staff's time.
  2. The additional staff time handling the shipments that have been returned by the carrier reduces the overall efficiency of your team.
  3. The cost of the additional staff's time to handle this, and the cost of the product and shipping again to send a replacement package.
  4. Customer satisfaction rates are lowered, which can lead to lower customer retention. Marketing and sales then have to work harder to maintain their levels, and it brings down the efficiency of the while team.

Some companies have an internal system to deal with this, but some are understaffed and do not have the time and resources to deal with it on a finalized basis, so that they could accomplish a large reduction of the volume of their address correction problems. Both types however, can be given additional help that frees them up to concentrate on their core competencies.


  • Two years ago, we were approached by a key executive of a large company which had an address correction problem, and it was costing them more than $100,000 just in fees annually, never mind the hidden costs, and it was getting worse. This escalating area of additional fees was producing, as you can imagine, other headaches for their DC as well. This was one of the things at the top of their agenda to handle, yet they had not been able to find someone who did this.
  • We were asked if we could do something about this, and for a fraction of their reduced costs, brought that annual fee down to $20,000 annually. It took a year to do that, and we did not completely eliminate it, but brought it to the point (1/5 of its original size) where it was quite manageable and minor in comparison to their size. The remaining address problems were ones that occur one time (as opposed to the on-going address problems).
  • Handling this is very detailed work and consumes a lot of time, and possibly you do not have the resources for this, but would like to get a solution to it.

Cost Recovery offers effective address correction resolution, at a very affordable cost.

In fact, to most of our customers we offer this service and the fees are taken from their share of the contingency fee based audit we perform.

If you want to look into this and obtain more information on this procedure and how it could benefit your company, contact us now.