Cost Recovery

Transportation Law

The following information enables companies to hold carriers accountable for lost packages under a federal law known as the Carmack Amendment.
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Freight Loss and Damage

Once you have isolated all the lost and damaged parcels through a competent and accurate delayed post-audit, (an audit done 3-4 weeks. . .
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Address change

In many cases, the address correction charge itself is higher than the cost of the package's shipping charge. This is a great way to make extra money if . . .
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Which one is easier?

An accountant once noted that saving $200,000 is like making an extra $20,000,000 in sales for most companies. Is it easier for your company . . .
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Parcel Dictionary

shipper: def: Consignor, exporter, or seller (who may or may not be the same) named in the bill of lading as the party responsible for initiating a shipment.